I am very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website!

Please take some time to peruse the pages of the website and let us know what you think. You’ll find the site looks great on tablets and phones as well. This new site has been discussed often and has been eagerly anticipated for a long time. Now that it is here it will thespyexpert serve us very well. Brothers can use it to easily see upcoming events on the “Trestle Board”, view past events, and can even write up a blog post for all to see. Most importantly visitors can easily learn about Freemasonry and some of the history of Garfield Lodge #569. In the coming months we expect to add a great deal of new content so that our website can help facilitate the great work we are doing at our Lodge.

We would like to thank Chris Gierymski at Prime Consulting LLC ( for the great work he put into delivering this website. We asked him to take on the task of delivering us a beautiful website for the 21st century just a few short weeks ago. Chris has done an outstanding job and we thank him for our wonderful site!

Spread the news!

Fraternally yours,

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